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Application Help

This application provides opportunity to view information for address, fire hydrant locations, buildings, parcels, zoning, city, ETJ and county boundaries. Information can be acquired using the map zoom and pan tools and clicking on map features.

The application includes layer control, bookmarks, search, measure, and print tools on the menu toolbar. The use of each of these tools is explained in detail in the following paragraphs. A zoom tool, home tool, and find location tool are located in the map window.

  Layer Control

Enables or disables the display of the layer control. The name and symbology of each layer is listed in the layer control with a checkbox located to the left side of it. A checked box indicates the layer is visible on the map. An unchecked box indicates the layer is not visible on the map. A checkbox and label that is grayed out indicates the layer is not within its active zoom range. Zoom the map within the active zoom range to change the status of the display checkbox. Transparency of the features can be adjusted.


Enables or disables the display of the Bookmarks panel. The Kilgore extents, City Hall, and the Library are listed by default. Other bookmarks can be added and removed as desired.

  Find Address

Enables or disables the display of the find address entry box and results list. Enter an address and a drop down box will display possible matches as you type. Select a match in the list or press enter and the location will be indicated on the map by an orange circle. The map will zoom and pan to the location.

  Measurement Tool

Enables or disables the display of the measurement panel. Tools to measure area, length, or display coordinates and select the desired units are available. Click on the map to enter points. Double-click to complete the line or polygon. Displaying information windows for map features is disabled while the Measure Panel is visible.

  Buffering Tool

Enables or disables the display of the buffer dialog box. Select the type of feature to buffer. Parcels, subdivisions, and zoning areas are valid type selections. Enter the buffer distance in feet. Click the Select items to buffer button and click on features to be buffered. Selected items will be highlighted in yellow. Multiple items may be selected and clicking on a selected item will deselect it. Once all desired items are selected click the Create Buffer button. A red buffer is displayed on the map and all parcels intersecting the buffer are highlighted in cyan. Attribute information for all intersecting parcels is displayed in the data grid. Clicking a row in the data grid will highlight the corresponding parcel in green and the map will zoom and pan to the parcel. Clicking the Export data to CSV File will export the data grid information to a CSV file. Clicking the Clear buffer selections button will remove all selection and buffer graphics.


Enables or disables the print panel. Selecting the dropdown on the print panel allows a paper size to be selected. The panel will indicate printing is active and then make a printout available in PDF format. The PDF printout is available for download or printing from any application that supports the PDF format.


Enables or disables the basemap selection panel. Select a basemap by clicking the thumbnail of the desired map. The basemap will change to the selected map and the basemap panel will close automatically.

  Home Button

The home button zooms the map display to the initial extents of the map for Kilgore.

  Find my location

Selecting the find my location button will use the device GPS capabilities to show the current device location on the map with a blue circle. The map will zoom and pan to the current location is the device is allowed to use the GPS features.

Information Window

Click on a map feature to display a popup Information Window to display additional details about a feature. The map must be within the zoom range of the feature layer display enable the popup window for that type of feature. This feature is disabled while the Measure Panel is being displayed to allow measuring points to be selected.